Yesterday, while driving down the mountain coming home from Lake Tahoe, we saw the traffic ahead braking as they approached a curve in the road. There were several people out of their cars looking around and then I saw a crashed motorcycle on the ground. We decided to pull over and help. I asked a few people what they saw. No one there had seen the accident. One lady said she had seen that bike up at Tahoe racing around the streets being a crazy, rude driver. There were about four cars of people out on foot looking up in trees and through the brush for an injured rider. I tried to study the accident from what was there to see if I could figure out which direction the person would have been tossed. There were people searching on both sides of the street. After looking for quite some time, and studying the accident we figured that someone must have taken the rider down the hill to a hospital. There was no trace of a person, just a crashed up motorcycle. It was strange.

Before getting into the car to leave a young lady asked me which Fire department Matt works for. I told her and she replied “oh, so you know the Prokoshs?” Then she told us her fiance works for another department in the valley. Matt asked his name. We both knew who he was and I laughed and said “hey, we work out with your father in law!”

It seems to happen frequently where I meet someone that knows someone else.

Reno really is the biggest little city.

It’s a small world.

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